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3D2P - 3D Print Project

Free & Open Source

3MF Viewer & Packager

The 3D2P desktop application is a CLI which includes functionalities to open, view and create 3MF files.

In contrast to other 3MF applications the CLI is able to add readme files to a 3MF in a specification compliant way. Every 3MF file created by 3D2P is a valid 3MF file!

This way you are able to package your complete 3D print project into a single file.

Visual Studio Code

Creating 3MF files just with a CLI is not quite convenient. Thats why there is an extension available for Visual Studio Code!

It includes the functionality to create 3D2P files, to manage the STLs in a project and the project values. Like setting the thumbnail or readme file.

Furthermore there is a STL Viewer included which is able to add notes to your STL!